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Tissue Papers

Tissue Papers

01- Toilet Paper

02- Toilet Tissue paper (100% Wood pulp)

03- Tissue Paper

04- Tissue

05- Sanitary Tissue

06- Thin Paper

07- Wet Wipes

08- Tissue Napkins



Toilet paper, mainly for People's Daily sanitary use, is one of the indispensable paper species of the people.In order to make toilet paper soft, it is often used mechanically to cause wrinkles and increase the softness of toilet paper.There are many raw materials for making toilet paper, such as cotton pulp, wood pulp, bamboo pulp and grass pulp.Toilet paper requires non-toxic chemicals, non-skin irritant raw materials, non - fungal bacterial residue.Toilet paper is characterized by strong water absorption, no pathogenic bacteria (e. coli and other pathogens are not allowed), paper softness and thickness uniformity, wrinkling, uniform color, no impurities.If the production of a small roll of toilet paper, it should be consistent with the hole pitch, clear, easy to tear and tidy.

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